About the Artist

Valerie Meek loves to capture the human form in drawings and paintings. Creating someone’s portrait is more than just capturing a likeness; it also involves saying, visually, something about the person and who they are at that moment in time. To Ms. Meek, there is nothing more interesting than seeing how someone’s personality comes through in a portrait.

She has always had a fascination with drawing people. In 1998, she decided to explore this fascination by attending part-time courses at the Avenue Road Art  School in Toronto, Canada. There she was introduced to classical techniques in drawing and painting techniques which are all but forgotten today. In 2000, she decided to give up a career in public relations and fundraising  to pursue art training full time. This pursuit took her to the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy.

Ms. Meek completed the three year diploma program at the Florence Academy of Art and returned to Toronto to pursue a career in portraiture. One of her portraits was selected for honourable mention in the first annual Art Renewal Center’s International competition. Her work was featured in the inaugural edition of Drawing, produced by American Artist magazine. Her drawings were also exhibited at the 2004 Toronto Outdoor Art Show, in July 2004.

Shows, Publications and Awards

Praxis exhibition at the Carrier art gallery, Toronto, April, 2009

The Inspired Line exhibition at the Hamilton Conservatory of Art, September, 2008

Toronto Art Expo, 2005

Fiera Festival, Group Show, Toronto, September 2004

Toronto Outdoor Art Show, July 2004

Honourable Mention in Portraiture, First Annual Art Renewal Center International Competition, 2004

Inaugural issue of Drawing Magazine (American Artist), 2003

End of Year Student Exhibition, Florence Academy of Art, 2003