Portrait Commissions

Portraits of people

The portrait commission process begins with an initial meeting to discuss type of portrait, poses, delivery time and other relevant details. Preliminary photos and sketches may be completed at this time as well.

Once the details of the pose are agreed upon, I will request two to three sittings to complete more detailed drawings and colour studies. The painting can be completed using photo references. A 40 per cent deposit will be required before beginning the portrait.

Balance is due upon delivery. Price does not include framing or shipping.

Portraits of pets

Pet portraits are created using reference photos. You can supply your own favourite shots or I can arrange to take new photos. Please be sure your reference photo includes the full face and avoid using flash photography. Click here for tips on photographing your pet. Finished paintings are normally standard sizes: 8 X 10, 9 X 12, 11 X 14.


Portrait commissions for people begin at $500 for charcoal drawings; $1,500 for oil paintings. For pets, portrait paintings begin at $350. Prices do not include shipping or framing.

Each additional figure included in the drawing or painting will be an additional 50%. Additional charges also  for complex jewellery, clothing or backgrounds.