Tips for photographing your pet

A good quality photograph will enable me to achieve the best results for your painting:

  • For best results, photograph your pet outside (without flash) as the natural lighting will show their colours more accurately. However, avoid strong sunlight as this may wash out the colours or cast dark shadows. Overcast days, early morning or later afternoon are the best times to take photos.
  • If you’re unable to photograph outside, try to photograph in a room that is well lit with natural light. Avoid using the flash or having indoor lights on. I can also take reference photos for you at no extra charge.
  • Take the photo at the same eye level as your pet. Avoid taking the photo either looking down or up at them, unless you particularly want this type of shot.
  • So I can see the detail of your pet’s features, it is important to have a clear, high resolution photograph. Include the entire face and ears in the shot.
  • If you would like more than one pet in the painting, it is better to photograph the animals separately to get the best shot of each one. I can combine them in the painting.